At Lyndhurst Secondary College we are a progressive learning community providing challenging pathways for learning and life.

Lyndhurst Secondary College fosters commitment in all of our students and provides a safe, challenging and stimulating learning environment. We champion individual difference, excellence and integrity in order to develop open-minded citizens capable of contributing confidently and responsibly to an ever changing world. Through our common purpose, vision and value of respect we aim to provide a rich, diverse and quality educational experience for our students.

Our dedicated staff work cohesively to further develop our students in an academic and a social sense, guiding them in becoming effective community minded members of our society. We are also committed to working with our parent community to provide a strong and vibrant education for all our students.

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Raising Expectations

To the Lyndhurst Secondary College School Community

If you recall early last term, you received a letter from our principal Mr. Warren Wills outlining the outcome of our priority review. One of the key areas identified was that the school needs to focus on raising expectations of everyone in our school community.  To this end, the school has identified that too many of our students are either late to class or out of class for unacceptable reasons.

At our Whole School Assembly today, we discussed with our students the importance of being to school on time, to class on time and being in class ready for learning. We outlined the importance of being present for learning, and the impact that being out of class or late to class had not only on their learning, but the learning of others.

We advised students that if they are late to class or out of class without a note or an appropriate reason, they will be escorted back to class and they will make up time missed at either recess or lunchtime, and in some cases after school.

We seek the support of our parents in working with us and our students in relation to this focus area. As a parent, you may get a phone call if your child is late to class more than once or finding it challenging to get to class on time and/or remain in class.  Discussions with your student around this will support us in all working together to ensure that our students maximize their learning opportunities.

We look forward to a successful term 4, where all of our students are engaged in their learning.




Konnie Prades

Acting Principal

October 2014