Lyndhurst Secondary College aims to provide a strong education for secondary students within the Lyndhurst, Lynbrook, Cranbourne North and wider Cranbourne community.

We expect our students to transition into further education and training as they prepare themselves to be active participants as adults in our community.

Our Values: Commitment, Excellence and Integrity centred upon High Expectations based around Respect for Self, Others and the Environment.

Lyndhurst is a great school to be a part of and one that serves its local community well. Through our common purpose, vision and values we aim to provide a rich and diverse, quality educational experience for our students.

We are “empowering students for learning and life”.


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Holiday travel – weather warning

Dear Parents

As the school holidays are approaching, you may have plans to travel on Victoria’s roads.  Significant rain is expected to fall over much of Victoria over the next few days, which may result in flooding.

Because of this rainfall, there is an increased risk to those travelling on our roads, and it is possible that houses across the State may be impacted as well.

I urge you to heed the following advice from emergency services:

  • You should never drive through floodwater – it only takes about 15 centimetres of water to lose control of your vehicle.
  •  Drive to the conditions around you and be aware of road hazards such as mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges.
  •  Roads in your area could be damaged by the bad weather so plan your journey and monitor VicTraffic for road condition updates and any road closures, see: Vic Traffic
  •  Never swim, walk or play in floodwater, it is dangerous and may contain hazardous debris or toxins.
  •  If your property is at risk of flooding, please raise belongings onto tables, benches or beds and if you are on a farm, consider moving your livestock to higher ground.
  •  Remain informed with emergency broadcasters to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest conditions and if possible, make sure your neighbours are aware of the situation. For more information, see: Vic Emergency

Many thanks, and have a safe and enjoyable holiday break.

Konnie Prades