At Lyndhurst Secondary College we are a progressive learning community providing challenging pathways for learning and life.

Lyndhurst Secondary College fosters commitment in all of our students and provides a safe, challenging and stimulating learning environment. We champion individual difference, excellence and integrity in order to develop open-minded citizens capable of contributing confidently and responsibly to an ever changing world. Through our common purpose, vision and value of respect we aim to provide a rich, diverse and quality educational experience for our students.

Our dedicated staff work cohesively to further develop our students in an academic and a social sense, guiding them in becoming effective community minded members of our society. We are also committed to working with our parent community to provide a strong and vibrant education for all our students.

For further information please make contact with the College.

Office Hours

Please note the following changes to the Lyndhurst Secondary College office opening hours for the end of the year and start of 2015.

Thursday 18th December - Closed from 3.30pm
Friday 19th December - Closed from 2.30pm
Thursday 22nd January - Open 2.00pm - 6.00pm (Book sell day)
Friday 23rd January - Open 8.00am - 4.15pm
Monday 26th January - Closed (Public Holiday)

Normal operating hours of 8.00 - 4.15 recommence from Tues 27th January


Raising Expectations – Uniform

Dear Parent/Carer and Students,

Several weeks ago you received the first communication from the College with regard to our 2015 focus on raising expectations and the wearing of the prescribed Lyndhurst Secondary College Uniform.  Students have also  been advised of changes and expectations for next year by College staff. Further to this communication, we have placed posters around the school, which outline the uniform expectations for next year.

Essentially, there are few changes to the uniform itself, but ‘close enough’ will no longer be’ good enough’. The emphasis in 2015 has been placed on the implementation of the policy and dress code and the consequences of non-compliance. Sanctions include, confiscation of non-uniform items where possible (which will be returned in the middle or end of a term only), detentions or withdrawal from class. In the case of multiple breeches of non-compliance a suspension may be issued.

We have a strong commitment to further enhance the positive image of the school within our local community and to ensure a safe and orderly environment for our young people. Having students who respect and adhere to the uniform dress code is an integral part of establishing and maintaining such an orderly environment. A student dress code also engenders pride and creates a sense of belonging.

Please familiarise yourself with the updated,  ‘Student Uniform & Dress Code Policy and Procedures’ (see link below), taking particular note of the requirements for shoes and seasonal changes to uniform.

We thank you for your ongoing support and assistance in creating a sense of belonging.


Annette Gardner
Assistant Principal


2014 School Shoes